Meet Cubbie.

Flashback to 2017: The day Cubbie went into surgery. Not knowing if your 4 legged BFF will pull through is the worst feeling ever. By the way, I’m Jamie…Cubbie’s employee. I’m a professional chef + cake decorator. Back to Cubbie… he was a champ and made it through with flying colors. After a week's worth of recovery time, I was able to take him home where he would eventually get back to his old self. fast forward to his next birthday... I mean, i had to do something special. Since I bake… why would not spoil him rotten by baking him a dog friendly cake with all his favorite ingredients and treats. That cake is the inspiration behind the CubbieCake. his eyes lit up and watching him inhale his big ole piece of cake made me complete. That might make me sound like a crazy dog lady...but I that's fine.